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Leading Cloud Computing Trends In 2021

The 2020 experiences helped us to predict what to expect in 2021 and further. Artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and the internet of things (IoT) will continue to transform our lives in the subsequent years.

However, the most renowned use cases related to these technologies are even now significantly assisting us in adapting to the current challenges. This blog post will highlight the existing and futuristic trends in the tech world.

AI will advance the competence and swiftness of cloud computing

AI will be a crucial game-changer in many different ways. We can expect AI to infuse its dominance in the coming years. Not even budgetary constraints or lack of skills will stop cloud services from taking over your organization.

Yes, low-budget and easy-to-operate functions, image processing, language processing, and many more tools will revolutionize our day-to-day work. Cloud toolsets will be widely recognized by enterprises of all dimensions and in all areas. Performance and efficiency are the key indicators of success. And that what you will train your workforce through cloud tools and AI.

AI and cloud computing successfully handled the pandemic situation. Now, fully autonomous vehicles, home applications, smart city infrastructure will feel the presence of AI. Machine learning successfully monitors cloud data centers.

In addition, AI algorithms manage logistic processes, cooling systems, hardware networks, and power usage. AI also minimizes the harmful effects of the environment by providing efficient and highly productive machinery to the industrial fraternity.

Increase in adoption of on-premise and hybrid cloud solutions

Organizations find it challenging to choose between different cloud solutions as each one comes with unique features that offer versatility, performance, safety and security, and compliance.

Therefore, you cannot have one solution that is cost-effective to fit all your needs. Hybrid cloud solutions allow businesses to choose the elements they need for their workforce and have grown immensely popular. However, this approach has led to heavy competition in the market as the service providers offer different models to suit the organization.

If you look at the two marketing giants in cloud services-Amazon and Google initially offered space to customers while Microsoft and IBM allowed customers to choose the tools needed for their business on-premises.

Now, all of them provide various modules to fit the clients’ needs – employing cloud storage to access customer data delivery while enabling users to use their cloud programs and technologies in their on-premises networks. There will be a growing demand to adapt to cloud software where businesses can load their existing data and shift the way they work.

Virtual cloud desktops will boost efficiency across the workforce

Manage your entire workstation through virtual cloud desktops or laptops. Yes, you may now choose to pay for the hours your employees spent on cloud tools, reducing the hardware cost and eliminating the outdated technology.

Desktop-as-a-service has the luxury to receive the latest technology at your disposal at all times. Centralized management that offers better security, employees follow the best practices and improves efficiency. As the model provides greater flexibility, this synchronized technology will become increasingly popular in the coming years.

Music, movies, and now gaming will be enabled from the cloud

Cloud gaming will witness the same popularity as the video streaming offered on Amazon and Netflix in the early years. Cloud gaming will be streamed online on monthly/yearly subscriptions with vast libraries for the gamers to choose from.

In November 2019, Google Stadia – gaming-as-service was launched. Microsoft is soon expected to launch a standalone device for game streaming. And also, you might have the Xbox experience on your TV as Microsoft in talks with several TV manufacturers.

Key Takeaways

Cloud computing is now one of the top technology trends that we believe will remodel our society in the coming years. Leading tech giants are competing to unite all user requirements in different models to provide feasible solutions to all businesses.

Such fierce competition will be the driving force behind how cloud services will evolve in the coming months.