What We Offer for You
Serverlessbytes deep industry expertise enables global brands to hit the ground running.
Azure and AWS cloud
Our specialists will assist you in getting the utmost out of your AWS & Azure cloud by handling all setup technicalities from migration to production.
AWS Solution Architecture
We focus on the utilization of technology for identifying solution architecture requirements and resolve involved business challenges.
AWS Environment Setup and Support
We enable architectural design for your AWS environment and also back you with successful deployment.
Cloud Migration
We have verified acquaintance, skill-sets, and resources to assist organizations in migrating to any infrastructure or on-premises workload to the cloud with complete assurance.
Cloud Services
We deliver the complete group of cloud services encircling the public, private and hybrid cloud categories.
DevOps CI/CD
With our Dev Ops/CICD services, we automate and accelerate the complete delivery cycle of our clients.
Digital Transformation
We work on the dominant use cases across the existing and futuristic technology landscapes for facilitating digital transformation solutions for a diverse range of businesses.
We steer operational maturity and competence with modern-day Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Solutions.
Our teams have built IoT solutions for businesses working in diverse disciplines, including Medical IoT, IoT for Media, and IoT for Manufacturing.
Industries 4. 0
Industry 4.0 is the new and innovative phase in the Industrial Revolution that steers automation, interconnectivity, machine learning, and real-time data.
Predictive Analytics
Predictive analytics utilizes existing and historical data to attain significant predictions about future events and trends.
When we build or enhance your BI solution, our team develops dashboards and endorse reports like Power BI, Tableau, AIVHUB and KPIs.
Big Data
Our Data Analytics services assist our client organizations in making swift, competent, and well-informed decisions.
Managed Services
We provide managed IT services on-demand, on a short-term basis, or on a contractual foundation for a more extended period to enable our client organizations.
Application Development
We provide application development services to enable and accelerate your business growth.
For making the customer’s experiences more bespoke, a business requires innovative UI / UX.
Mobile Apps
We help clients clarify their vision for business success, follow a design-led approach to product & definition.
Automation Testing
Automation testing services assist in trimming down regression testing time and cutting down the time to market with noteworthy cost reductions with long-term planning.
Cyber Security
Our teams work on transforming our client’s cyber security demands and reinforce them for better outcomes.
Augmented Reality
We offer augmented reality solutions for in-depth and immersive user experiences across software solutions, platforms and hardware.
E-Commerce Services
We have built exclusive eCommerce stores and services ecosystem for our varied business clients.
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