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How Significant Is Solution Architecture For Project Development

Around one-third of customized software development projects fail, about half of the projects get postponed, and some get over finances or have limited features. Only one-sixth of the projects get timely completed as per financial plans and according to the defined requirements.

The above-discussed scenario requires involvement of a solution architect who can apply skills and save projects by offering precise solutions keeping projects right on track. If you are commencing a project, you require initiating by developing a solution architecture document for it.

An architecture that blends role, process and documentation to resolve specific challenges and needs with the design of information systems or applications is solution architecture.

Here are four ways how solution architecture does assist project development:
  • Solution Architecture is Designed to Meet All Stakeholders Demands

There can be multiple stakeholders of a project. There is an in-house and business facet of project development. The non-technical stakeholders have to be informed about the development updates and ongoing processes. There are even discussions about the project costing and budgeting with the diverse stakeholders.

This job is resourcefully managed by a solution architect. He is the person who deciphers applicable information about a project into a language that top management and other stakeholders can comprehend. They necessitate being kept in the loop.

  • Solution Architecture Ensures the Project is Built Using Precise Technology

A superior solution architect knows in-depth about diverse tools and technologies. He examines substitute architectural strategies connecting them. The varied strategies which rely on the platform selection, technologies and tools utilized and the reuse of code are measured for better preferences across the project.

Proofs of concept are developed under the guidance of a solution architect to explore the costs and advantages of every strategy. Project demands are thoroughly assessed, and the most appropriate strategy is preferred to craft the project. The solution architecture also deals with the swiftness, agility and security of the project. The solution architect validates technologies to make sure they meet the business requirements of the project.

  • Solution Architecture Assists in Managing the Project Limitations

The momentous project limitations are precise technology & tools, risk factors, project scope, overall costs, superior quality, project schedule and resources, which require to be handled by Solution Architecture. The project utilizes the tools & technologies that fit the developing modules. A scope documents explicit objectives, deliverables, functionalities and deadlines.

All of this stuff comes with its limitations which a solution architect measures and selects the finest one. Every project has a financial budget and costs limitations. There also are schedule restrictions, and tasks need to be controlled across the entire project. So, in-progress projects necessitate a tidy allocation of resources to deal with the limitations.

  • A Solution Architect’s Client Facing Role in Precise Project Development

A solution architect assists in the onboarding procedure. He backs clients across the project implementation. He prepares documentations and defines processes. He facilitates self-learning for the clients and makes it handy for them to go through database visualization tools.

He comprehends the business, technology and sales objectives of the clients. So, solution architecture assists in the project development and demonstrations.

Key Takeaways

Solution Architecture thus is the primary framework that offers you precise guidelines for project development. You require handling the limitations well. Examining, experimenting, discovering and enabling the precise blend of tools, technology, and processes will make sure you have success in your project.

The research and endeavours you put into organizing a solution architecture document will direct the teams to build the accurate solution, which will certainly be constructive to you and the ones invested in the project development.